Plan:et C is the 'star' where we can finally party and dance together again.

We are really looking forward to this common excursion, back to a place of desire we had to leave many months ago but which we could never forget in our dreams.

The last two years have been turbulent and parties were out of the question. However, this summer will bring a lot of changes. And since the Fusion rocket can't take off this year, we want to get together for three weekends in late summer in Lärz, right in the middle of the Mecklenburger Seenplatte, we want to celebrate together in our cosmos on three Plan:et C’s.

Warm summer air, an incredibly big sky, shaded places to linger, unforgettable sunrises and sunsets are as much a part of Plan:et C as the music that made the ground shake here every summer even before the pandemic.

On two different stages, the Turmbühne and the Seebühne, electronic music will get even the smallest particles in motion. On the newly designed Turmbühne, techno is pumping straight out and on the Seebühne you can nod your heads or swing your hips to hip hop, bass music, slow house or worldbeat. Bands from both near and far are finally allowed to go bananas again in the Luftschloss. There will be theatre in the new circus tent "La Ballena", you can chill out at the dub station and a small but fine selection of films will flicker across the cinema screen.

In the coming weeks the program will be partially published on this Website. Ticket sales are already over regardless of the programme, which has not yet been published. A so often with Kulturkosmos, you are buying a wonderfully colourful cat in the infamous sack. We will set up our own Kulturkosmos Ticket:Bourse from July 19, 2021 - this provides a good and spontaneous opportunity to either swap festival date or to pass on the ticket 

The dates to choose from

Plan:et C ≈ gamma • γ
September 17 — 19

Tickets for the Plan:et C events cost 100€ including a PCR test on arrival. All participants must be at least 18 years old. We plan all our events with a well elaborated and detailed hygiene and testing concept. 

Everyone participating in the events will be PCR tested upon arrival. The finer details of the hygiene and testing concept will be worked out in the coming weeks and made available to you here on the website.


All information about the Ticket:Bourse and the tickets are available in the Ticket-Area.

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